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Balinese massage which traces its roots in Bali, Indonesia is a type of natural therapy which includes the manipulation of the body s meridian through a combination of various massage techniques. Acupressure, aromatherapy massage and reflexology are used by the masseuse during the therapy to address various types of problems both emotionally and physically with a specific technique.

The patient often experiences the satisfying benefits and effects right after the massage therapy. Whole body relaxation may probably be the most common noticeable effect of this type of massage therapy. The body loosens up with every massage strokes and manipulation of each pressure point with the acupressure and reflexology method. The aroma of therapeutic herbs is used specifically in soothing and calming the emotion of the client. Aromatherapy massage is also essential in setting up the mood inside the room which greatly increases the healing capability as well as the relaxing experience of Balinese massage. Each of the essential oils have their own healing, energizing, and calming effects when applied on the skin, although some of these oils may have negative effects on sensitive skin. Discussing the skin medical history of the patient as well as his or her current condition is vital in preventing this kind of problem from occurring during and after the therapy session. The client may also want to use other clothes as some of these massage oils may leave stains on the cloth.

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Balinese massage therapy also includes deep tissue massage which helps relieve the patient from all sorts of muscle pains. This type of therapy not only focuses on the soothing of the body but also aims for the total wellness of the body. Each stroke stimulates the nervous system which enhances the mood of the patient as well as heightens the sense of wellness. Acupressure is known for targeting pressure points which addresses to the corresponding part of the body. As the therapist conducts acupressure techniques with his or her hands, the body loosens up and relaxes with each application of pressure. The main goal of acupressure in this therapy is to regain strength to the weakened muscle groups, relax stiff muscles, and relieve muscle pain. This technique helps in balancing the energy or qi within the body to maintain a healthy physical and mental condition.

Reflexology in Balinese massage is used to manipulate each part of the body through the hands and feet of the patient. The body benefits with the improvement of blood and oxygen circulation which is attained by unblocking each of their specific pathways for the two to freely flow throughout the body. When these two important supplies needed in the body freely circulates without blockage or shortage in supply, the body works properly and in its optimum performance. The result is a healthy mind and body. Reflexology focuses on the treatment rather than making the body calm down and relax which is the work of aromatherapy in this type of therapeutic massage.

Although this therapy has a great combination that can both heal and sooth the body, it is still best to consult a doctor before trying this alternative medical care.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

On Tuesday, Minnesota’s Brown County District Judge John Rodenberg ordered chemotherapy for Daniel Hauser. He also issued the felony warrant for the arrest of Colleen Hauser, Daniel’s mother. The judge said Daniel should be cared for in a foster home because the parents, Colleen and Anthony Hauser, medically neglected their son by refusing chemotherapy after only one treatment.

Sheriff Rich Hoffman said that there was a country-wide search across America for Colleen Hauser and her thirteen-year-old son Daniel who has Hodgkin’s lymphoma after the pair fled a court order for chemotherapy.

The father, Anthony Hauser, told the press on Wednesday that mother and son left their home near Sleepy Eye without telling him where they were going. He also has not heard from them.

“If he’s being cared for, and it’s going to help him, I think it’s going to be a good thing,” Anthony Hauser said.

On Monday, an x-ray showed that the tumor is growing. The mother had been treating the cancer with herbal supplements, vitamins, ionized water and other natural alternatives from an internet regime. Colleen wanted to follow the native American Indian healing practices of the Nemenhah Band.

“He had basically gotten back all the trouble he had in January,” said James Joyce, the family doctor.

The court proceedings revealed that Hodgkin’s lymphoma is 90% curable with chemotherapy and radiation.

“I know people around here who’ve had chemo twice and they’re great. And I’m not saying alternative medicine is going to cure you every time.” said Anthony Hauser who appeared Tuesday in court by himself.

“Running away when there is a court order is not the way to handle it. Go home. That’s the official position of the church. Go home Colleen,” said Chief Medicine Man Phillip “Cloudpiler” Landis of the Nemenhah Band, “it can’t be good for Daniel’s health.”

Landis claims to have previously cured his own cancer by administering himself with the Chaga Mushroom. He feels that Colleen and Daniel have taken it upon themselves without approval of the court to seek advice of an Oncologist in Mexico.

Billy Best, a man who fled chemotherapy as a teenager in 1994 and claims to have cured his cancer with natural remedies, supports the Hausers’ decision.

“I just want to help this kid. I just feel like people are ganging up on him and it’s not fair. He’s a nice kid, the family’s nice, and they love him, and they want him to live,” Best said.

The police alert sent around the country said that Colleen and Daniel Hauser might be with Billy Best.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Police have arrested the owner of a mattress factory in Hay Hassini, Casablanca, Morocco which burned down in a disaster that claimed 55 lives. His son, who was the factory’s manager, was also arrested.

Those killed — 35 of whom were women — were trapped inside by locked fire exits, which were barricaded to stop theft during working hours. “The people who died were either asphyxiated or burned,” commented a firefighter. 17 were wounded. Moustapha Taouil of the Casablanca civil protection service said the blaze was triggered by an inadequatly maintained electric saw on the ground floor. The initial fire quickly engulfed all four storeys of the building.

The Rosamor factory was clearly operating unsafely, officials said. “It’s a building with a ground floor and three upper floors specialising in making furniture, therefore there were highly inflammable products,” said Taouil. “We confirmed during our examination that the owners of the premises failed to respect legal requirements for this kind of industry including staff training… the owner in contravention of the law, locked staff inside the plant apparently to prevent theft of raw material. It was this that prevented them getting out. The fire was caused by lack of proper maintenance of certain machines and electrical installations.” He said a short circuit on the ground floor, which was filled with power saws, triggered the disaster.

As a result of the investigatons, “The plant’s owner, Adil Moufarreh, and his son Abdelali Moufarreh, who was the manager, have been taken into custody after having been questioned by police,” said an official.

28-year-old factory employee Fadila Khadija said “There was no emergency exit, the extinguishers were empty and the working conditions were difficult.” One source said that windows were also unusable as they were covered with iron bars. 20-year-old survivor Omar Elaaz said “I was working on the first floor as an upholsterer. The smoke came up from the ground floor where the foam rubber, wood and glue are stored. I used a gas bottle to break the wire mesh that protects every window.” 31-year-old upholsterer Hakim Hakki told of his own lucky escape and its effect on him from hospital: “I jumped from the third floor with four other colleagues while the women, who didn’t dare to follow us, perished in the inferno. God saved me but I’ll never forget those who died.”

The father of deceased 19-year-old Abdelazziz Darif said his son was paid 250 dirhams (20 euro/31 US dollars) per week and did not have social insurance.

Maker Faire 2009 wraps up in San Mateo, California

Maker Faire 2009 wraps up in San Mateo, California

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The fourth annual Maker Faire took place this past weekend at the San Mateo Fairground in San Mateo, California located in the United States. The first Maker Faire, which took place in 2006, had approximately 20,000 people in attendance. This year, more than 80,000 people were expected to attend; quadruple the attendance of just four years prior. On Saturday night, it was reported that attendance was up considerably over last year’s event.

Maker Faire, the self-declared “World’s Largest DIY Festival”, offers a forum where hundreds of makers and crafters alike man booths where they display their work. In the main halls alone, there were hundreds of booths. Outside the expo halls, the surrounding area was also filled with many interesting projects, some of which were mobile. In addition to all of the projects on display, there were a number of on-stage presentations. The biggest presentation of the weekend was given by Adam Savage who spoke on the topic of his “Colossal Failures”. During his talk, the Fiesta Hall was filled to capacity.

The theme for this year’s fair was “Remake: America” after President Obama‘s call to “begin again the work of remaking America”. In addition, “going green”, alternative fuel vehicles, crafting, steampunk and sciences for the young, were common themes found throughout the fair.

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Sia Licence Training Limited Time Offer! Get An Instant 10 Off When You Book Online

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SIA licence training limited Time Offer! Get an Instant 10 off when you book online


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The Security Industry Authority (SIA) is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK. One of the main duties of the SIA is the compulsory licensing of individuals working in specific sectors of the private security industry. Our remit covers the United Kingdom. Whether or not an individual requires a licence is determined by the role that is performed and the activity that is undertaken. These are described fully in Section 3 and Schedule 2 of the Private Security Industry Act 2001So come and be the part of Limited Time Offer! Get an Instant 10 off when you book online.

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Disneyland pranked overnight by graffiti artist Banksy; ride shut down

Disneyland pranked overnight by graffiti artist Banksy; ride shut down

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Internationally acclaimed graffiti kingpin and art-saboteur, Banksy, successfully infiltrated the Disneyland themepark in Anaheim, California.

It is alleged that the graffiti bandit extraordinaire clandestinely entered the park over-night, then proceeded to install a piece depicting a prisoner in Guantanamo Bay at the themepark. Banksy installed a sculpture, a life-size doll dressed in an prison inmate’s orange jumpsuit and bound and shackled, behind the bars of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride.

Disneyland closed down the ride and removed the sculpture amid fears over public safety.

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U.S. and U.K. governments warn citizens against travelling to areas hit by tsunamis

U.S. and U.K. governments warn citizens against travelling to areas hit by tsunamis

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December 27, 2004

The U.S. State Department issued public travel warnings, advising United States citizens to avoid travelling to areas affected by the recent Indian Ocean earthquake and the resulting tsunamis. The announcements cover Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and affected areas of Thailand. The warnings are set to expire on January 25, 2005, and urge citizens to postpone all non-essential travel to the regions.

The U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office also carries Travel Advice notices covering many of the countries hit by the tsunamis, and similarly urges citizens not to travel to the areas unless absolutely necessary.

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Overnight battle for Sri Lanka’s Jaffna peninsula

Overnight battle for Sri Lanka’s Jaffna peninsula

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sri Lanka government forces repulsed an overnight offensive by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the northern Jaffna peninsula in some of the fiercest fighting since the 2002 truce.

The LTTE attempted an amphibious attack arriving in a flotilla of gunboats. Government troops drove them off, supported by artillery and aerial bombing.

According to a military spokesperson, Major Rajapakse, the army killed at least 98 Tamil Tigers and wounded twice as many. The army suffered 6 killed and 60 wounded.

“The situation has calmed down now after heavy fighting till early this morning,” Rajapakse said.

The ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka is an ongoing conflict between the Government of Sri Lanka and the ethnic Sri Lankan Tamils on the island-nation of Sri Lanka. Since the 1983 “Black July” pogrom, there has been on-and-off civil war, mostly between the government and the LTTE who want to create an independent state of called Tamil Eelam in the north and east of the island. It is estimated that the war has left 65,000 people dead since 1983 and caused great harm to the population and economy of the country. A cease-fire was declared in 2002, but hostilities renewed in late 2005 following military operations against Tiger-controlled territory in the east.

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Using A Espresso Machine Step By Step To Make A Perfect Espresso

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Using a espresso machine step-by-step to make a perfect espresso


Tk Suep

Step 1: Priming the espresso machine

The first stage in successful making is to get your espresso machine ready for use. Fill the tank with clean, cold water and place an empty cup on the drip tray under the spout. Switch on the espresso machine and push the start button as though and make up a single espresso.

Water will be pumped over the espresso machine and through the spout, allowing any grains which your careful cleaning missed that they are flushed out. It also heats water ready for your real espresso.

Step 2: Making the ideal espresso

Now the fun bit starts: you are able to create your espresso.

Adding coffee into your espresso machine

Most espresso machines come with a measuring spoon, so it s easy to learn how much coffee to use. Around 7g can be used for the single espresso, so a double-size filter will take 14g – with either two cups or one longer espresso.

Make sure that the filter basket is clean, and then put it in the portal filter and spoon in your espresso. After this you ought to tamp down the espresso to compact it together so that it makes a barrier through which the hot water must pass.

YouTube Preview Image

Some espresso machines include a separate tamper accessory – usually a plastic or metal circular disk – while others have the one fitted on the espresso machine.

Fit the portal filter to your espresso machine and put a cup underneath.

Making the espresso

You are now willing to make your espresso. Look at the instructions on your espresso machine, but it s commonly just a question of pressing the relevant button.

Usually, you will need around 10 seconds to your espresso to start flowing within your cup. The full process ought to be completed in about 17-24 seconds.

The time it will take to build your espresso is variable, as each espresso machine works differently, as well as the flow rate also will depend on how an espresso beans are ground and exactly how firmly you ve tamped the espresso.

Step 3: Frothing the milk for your perfect cappuccino

While downing a try of espresso is fantastic for pepping you up every day, or for dinner-party preciosities, a lot of us should you prefer a milky cappuccino.

Making cappuccino with your espresso machine is simpler than you think that: you just need to an espresso base, some semi-skimmed milk, metallic jug, and – the first time no less than – feeling of adventure.

Receive the espresso machine ready

Cappuccino is really a blend of espresso and hot, frothy milk. Having made your espresso already, the next step is to work with the espresso machine\’s steam pipe to heat the milk and transform its texture from flat and smooth to light, bubbly and airy.

First, expel any trapped water through the steam pipe. Switch your espresso machine to its cappuccino setting, which adds to the water temperature and creates steam. Expel water on the steam spout into an empty cup, by briefly turning on the control tap.

Tips on how to create foam for the cappuccino

To create the foam on your cappuccino, fill a little metal jug around one third made up of semi-skimmed milk. Metal jugs would be better as they simply heat up more quickly than ceramic ones.

Turn on the steam water pipe and hold the jug beneath, allowing steam to blow into the milk. Then move the jug gently up and down to fold air to the milk. You will see the milk begins to expand in size with bubbles appearing.

Listen in the process. You should hear a significant-frequency whining noise since the process continues. If you ever hear a growling noise, stop immediately since this signals which the milk is nearing boiling point and should be flat.

Do not be disheartened for those who do not get a better result right away. Normally it takes practice but, within our experience, most machines perform a good job. See our espresso machine reviews to find out which machines score most highly for cappuccino.

Combine milk with your espresso to produce the cappuccino

To make your cappuccino, you simply need to add your lovely frothy milk towards espresso you\’ve made earlier.

Start with pouring inside thickened, heated milk and use a spoon to transfer the frothiest bits along with the cup. Ideally, your cappuccino should have equal proportions of coffee, milk and foam.

If you would like to read more

how to make a perfect espresso

, please visit


. There can you also find out

how to choose an espresso machine


espresso machine reviews

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New York business receives package containing unknown powder

New York business receives package containing unknown powder

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Buffalo New York, a suspicious package was received by National Action Financial Services, a subsidiary of Sitel, Inc.. According to FBI spokesperson Earl Gould Buffalo, the initial call was placed at 10:30AM EST Yesterday. The mail department found the package, evacuated the building, and contacted the local police department. The package has been described as containing some type of white powder.

The police department then contacted the Department of Homeland Security, who finished at the scene by 3:00PM EST.

After interviews with several employees were refused, one agreed – after being only identified as KR. He said management was being very “hush hush” about the incident, but when he came in he jokingly said that it was a “regular day at work now”.

National Action Financial media contacts were not available for comment, and the Amherst Police Department referred Wikinews to the local FBI office.

Special Agent Earl Gould stated as of 4:30PM no hospitalizations were required, but could not comment further as it is an ongoing investigation. He also stated the first responders to the scene did “everything right, and contained it immediately.”

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