Why Strider is the perfect bike for your child?



There is no other thing better than seeing your child ride a bicycle. The start of teaching your child riding starts at a very young age when they get their first bicycle. When you go into the market to get your child a bicycle it’s very important that you choose one wisely. For early years getting a strider is the best choice for your young ones. They are a lot better for the purpose of teaching your child how to balance on a bike. Here are some of the important reasons for choosing strider as you child’s bike.

Safe and Secure

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If compared with tricycle, then strider are a lot better alternatives as they can provide a very god teaching experience for your child. Tricycles are also very commonly used but they are a lot slower and can get very difficult to man oeuvre. They can also very easily get tipped on angled or uneven surfaces. On the other hand if we look at a balance bike then they are a lot sturdier and can be very effective in keeping your child focused on balancing of the cycle instead of just pedaling. Strider per bike can be very useful in keeping your child prepared for any loss in the balance which reduces the chances of falling. Once your child masters balancing, kids won’t be required to use any training wheel as they can straightaway head to normal bike.

Very economical

Most of the times parents avoided getting a bike in the early years as they feel it’s a waste of money. But when you are talking about balance bike this is very untrue. Strider Balance Bikes can be a perfect replacement of any tricycle or training wheel bike. Balance bikes is one investment which can result in a lot of saving for you, as if you get a balance bike instead of a tricycle, then firstly you spend less than a tricycle as balance bikes are cheaper and also you don’t have to get a 14 inches training wheel bike to teach your child cycling. You can directly go for 16 inches normal bike. This can result in a lot of savings.

Make your child play outside

When you get a strider bike for your child, you can rest assured that you child is going to love playing with it. This can benefit you in two ways, one that your child will start learning balancing properly which would mean that they can shift to a normal cycle very early and secondly that they will spend their time outside the house. This can be very effective in today’s world as currently more and more children’s are getting addicted to play on phone or video games. This kind of lifestyle is making children’s unhealthy. By promoting cycling at your home, you can ensure that right from the small age your child can be ready to play cycle and more importantly prepared to play outside of home. This can be very effective in ensuring that your child stays healthy.


Balance Bikes

can be a perfect replacement of any tricycle or training wheel bike. Find here for more details about

Strider pre bike.

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Think Long Term and Invest In a Ford Vehicle



Buying a Ford vehicle is one of the best things you can do if you are in need of reliable transportation. They have some of the best vehicles in the market. They consistently test their vehicles so that they meet and exceed the industry standards for safety, reliability and performance. By investing in a vehicle that is built to last and outperform all others, you are increasing the safety for you and all of your passengers while you are out on the road. By picking the right brand of vehicles, you are making a good investment in your future transportation needs.

It doesn\’t matter if you are looking for a small or large vehicle. Whatever your transport needs are there is a vehicle that is perfect enough to handle them. If you are not sure which vehicle is going to meet your expectations and give you the type of driving experience you want, go to a Ford dealer and talk with a salesperson. Let them show you the vehicles and help you ascertain your comfort level with each one of them. They can set up a test drive so you can get a better idea of how your driving experience will be. Take your time and don\’t feel rushed. You don\’t have to make any commitments to any vehicles until you are ready. If it takes you several days of visiting the dealer before you have made up your mind, there is nothing wrong with that. After all, you are in complete control of the situation and everyone wants to make sure that you get a car that you want and need.

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Since you have already decided that your next vehicle will be a Ford, you are entitled to the perks that come with being an owner. For instance, your vehicle comes with a petty comprehensive warranty. That means if anything goes wrong during your first few years of ownership, it will be fixed for free if it falls up under the warranty. Any time you need to bring your vehicle in for repairs, you will receive the best service possible from the moment you pull up on the lot until you drive away. You won\’t have to be without your vehicle, if it needs repairs. Since the parts are manufactured in many local plants across the United States, your parts are very inexpensive and easily accessible. Your repairs can be completed in as little time as possible by a Ford certified mechanic. Of course, the need for repairs will be minimal since you will have a car that is durable and reliable.

You get the ultimate owner and driving experience when you purchase Ford vehicles. You can be the envy of all of your friends. Save money, time and get the best car for your needs. Visit your local dealer and let them help you embark on a journey that will provide you with one of the best experiences possible.

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