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Whitening your teeth can be an experience you will not easily forget. Mostly because you have become aware of how discolored or stained your teeth are and that getting someone to clean it for you can be costly proposition depending on how badly discolored or stained your teeth are. For some, it is not so yellow and thus requires little cleaning and less effort in whitening. For the more severe cases, a prolonged treatment might be prescribed to you with repeated visits to the professional dentist. In order to know where you place in the treatment scale, you can easily refer to a teeth whitening chart which can be found in any dental office.

But what contributes to the discoloration or staining of teeth? A lot of things actually, mostly the food and drink we consume everyday, especially taking too much coffee and tea. The biggest contributors are coffee, tea, soda, and cigarettes. These contain natural stains that easily get into the small areas of your teeth and can be difficult to remove by just brushing your teeth. You might need a more intense treatment like bleaching to remove the stains.

The severity of the stain can also determine what course of treatment a dentist will perform on you according to the teeth whitening chart. It can also be indicative of problems you may not be aware of, all of which your dentist can provide you with answers and courses of treatment.

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A teeth whitening chart can also be used by dentists to determine what kind of veneer or crowns a patient might need after consultation. Some patients need them because of tooth decay or sometimes because the discoloration is severe. Naturally, your teeth are not all the same color. Some tend to be darker than others, some lighter. Your front teeth tend to be whitest compared to the other ones at the back. It is because of this, your dentist will recommend to you which shade your veneer or crown will take so that it looks natural.

Another way in which a teeth whitening chart is used is to compare your teeth before treatment and after treatment. It is to show you how much progress you have made and how much more you are to expect. Your dentist will also show you what to expect as to the shade your teeth will be in after treatment.

Overall, it would make sense for anyone going to the dentist who would wish to whiten their teeth or seek dental work for veneers and crowns, to consult a teeth whitening chart and ask your dentist how much whiter he can make your teeth. You should expect that your dentist will show you how naturally white he can make them. In fact, some prefer a gradual change in the whiteness, spread over a number of weeks so that it does not shock people. In consulting your dentist, get all the information you can so that both of you can go for a treatment that suits you.

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Managing Dentist Practices: The Most Important Asset In Your Dentist Practice


Ed O Keefe

I often ask people who are managing their dentist practices: What’s the number one most important asset within your dentist practice?. In this article, I will share to you the most important asset in your dentist practice, which is probably one of the most overlooked and often the most misunderstood assets within your dentist practices as you are managing it. I will also explain to you why it is considered the most important asset that you have. Knowing these facts, you will be able to take good care of this asset as you go on managing your dentist practices… and this is something we focus specifically at our dentist practices website!

Now, going back to the question, What’s the most important asset within your dentist practice? People would say Well, the doctor!, while others would say The dental staff!, and those are both wrong answers (and actually, nobody got the answer correctly!). The answer to my question is this: it is your patient base! And we call that your herd because you can keep going back to that herd, you want to nurture that herd, and you want to grow that herd as well… to have them establish a long-term relationship with you and your staff, and with your dentist practice. So, that’s one of your most important assets within your dentist practices as you are managing it.

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The question is: Why is my patient base considered as the most important asset within my dentist practice?. The reason is because, say for example, if your building or dental office burnt down today, so what happened is that all of your technology and everything was burnt down and crumbled to the ground (hopefully that never happens to you!) but let’s just say it did. As a solution, you could literally walk across the street, start up a shop tomorrow; and if you have a patient base, you will have appointments, you will have people to come in and you will have revenue coming in.. and you will be able to start managing your dentist practices again! Now, another thing is, for example, if the doctor have any experience where he/she can no longer work, well if they got a patient base, they can bring in another doctor or someone else who can actually do the dentistry, and the doctor can actually be the master behind the scenes, the business owner, and with this, they can still work!

With these facts, you can see that the technology you can replace, the staff you can replace, but the one thing that’s the most difficult to replace is the actual patient base! So that’s why you should consider it as the most important asset that you have in your dentist practices as you are managing it! So, take care, nurture, and grow your patient base, as it is the lifeline of your dentist practice!

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By Adriana Notton

Unexplained pain and restricted range of motion can severely limit a patient’s ability to function normally. Selecting the doctor with the correct training and knowledge can help reveal the source of the problem, and result in an effective treatment. Chiropractic and trigger point therapy are often useful modalities for relieving these types of problems.

Chronic pain and stiffness can often result from causes not clear to the sufferer, or to most treating physicians. Causes could be sudden, acute, chronic muscle overload or repetitive motion involving improper body mechanics. These injuries may not have been remarkable at the time and therefore are not recalled or recognized by the patient as a cause of the present discomfort. Other possible causes include direct trauma, automobile accidents, disease, homeostatic imbalance, infection, radiculopathy or improper nerve function, psychological distress, and health issues like smoking.

When pain is present, muscle spasm is often employed by the body as a protective mechanism. In this way further injury is prevented by restricting movement.

A related condition can arise within a myofascial band of the muscle. When this type of hyper-irritable condition occurs within a muscle fiber, it is known as a trigger point. This can be reliably identified by someone with the proper diagnostic knowledge and training. More than 620 such potential points have been identified within the human body.

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Diagnosis of this condition is by pain patterns, heat differential, palpation, and potentially by magnetic resonance imaging. A palpable nodule, bump, or knot can be sensed manually. There will be a state of maximum, continuous contraction at the affected spot. Stiffness may be fifty percent greater than in the surrounding muscle. There may be asymmetries evident in the muscle, as well. This will be accompanied by localized tenderness, localized twitch response, or referred pain felt elsewhere in the body.

This continually contracted muscle band produces fatigue toxins, like lactic acid, which may not be carried away due to accompanying capillary constriction. A burning, gripping pain or a heavy dull ache may result.

While this is a condition manifesting in the muscle tissue, it can pull on tendons and ligaments, causing pain within a joint. Misdiagnosis as arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, or some other condition is common.

Once this hyperactive spot is identified, treatment usually takes the form of deep pressure applied for an appropriate length of time to relax or release the trigger. Other possible treatments include mechanical vibration, cool spray and stretch, pulsed ultrasound, electro stimulation, ischemic compression to regulate blood flow, injection, low level laser, and dry needling.

The surrounding muscles may also need to be massaged and relaxed to prevent them from returning to the same positions they previously occupied. This would cause a reactivation of the condition.

This branch of medicine, originally created in 1942 by Janet Travell, MD, is not commonly taught in medical schools, and therefore is unknown to most medical doctors. It is commonly practiced only by chiropractors, massage therapists, osteopaths, and physiatrists engaged in rehabilitation medicine. Chiropractic and trigger point therapy is often an effective means or relieving pain, stiffness, or immobilized joint problems.

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HI, I am Anderson living in Pittsburg, CA. Once I had a massive tooth ache and tooth was affected by the germs so I approached a professional dentist Dr Siamak Jafari. His multi-specialty practice offers one convenient location for all your dental needs. His caring and professional staff offers a high level of customer service in all aspects of dentistry .Dr Siamak mack jafari has been providing dental care for his patients for many years and as a member of American Dental Association he strives to keep up with the latest advances in cosmetic care and technology through extensive continuing education.

For every human being like other parts in the body, tooth also plays a major role among the parts and I am happy to be a part of handling those dental part. The specialists comment on the study saying that not the number of the teeth that are left in a person s mouth, but the number of the teeth lost should be important for estimating the risks of having a stroke. They suppose that the decay and purulence can be absorbed by the blood and get collected in the heart, this way jeopardizing its normal function. In anyway, this subject can spark an interesting public polemic in the future.

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Take our advice and look after your mouth by reading our top ten dental tips and improve your dental health immediately.

Visit the dentist at the interval they recommend for you. This will be individually assessed based on your personal dental requirements and can be three months, six months, one year or longer in certain cases. There is nothing to beat the feeling of professionally cleaned teeth and healthy gums. From removing food and drink stains, to treating advanced gum diseases, our dental hygienist is trained to provide you with exceptional dental care and advice.

We all love the appearance of gorgeous white teeth. Professional teeth whitening treatments are safe and effective ways to lighten your teeth under the care of your dentist. Whether you have tray based teeth whitening or the latest light-assisted teeth whitening, Doctor Siamak Jafari dentist is the very best person to help with your dental choices. Use a toothpaste that is clinically proven to reduce the chances of you getting dental disease. Toothpaste such as Colgate Total has lots of scientific evidence behind it to show that it really does work and helps promote dental health.

When a toothbrush becomes worn it is much less effective at cleaning plaque from your teeth. Many manual and electric brush heads have indicators on them to help you know when it is time to change. Some great dental advice is to use a form of inter-dental cleaning daily. This can be dental floss or alternatively inter-dental brushes such as TePe brushes. You have not properly cleaned your teeth unless you have cleaned right between them and using inter-dental cleaning helps you do this effectively.

Clean the surface of your tongue daily. By using a professional tongue cleaner you remove countless bacteria that otherwise live, particularly on the rougher top surface of your tongue. These can contribute to bad breath (halitosis) and negatively affect your dental health. If you smoke cigarettes give them up! This is the single most important change that you can make to improve both your dental and your general health. Our dental team and our Dr Siamak Jafari are all able to give you support during the process of kicking the habit. We all want you to succeed!

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