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Submitted by: Daryl D Green

Beth found herself in a hopeless situation. She was divorced, sole provider of her family, and the mother of three little kids. Although she was determined to make it, every step she took ultimately meant trouble. Beth knew that a college education would afford her with more opportunities. She didnt have the money. She wondered if her life would change.

I. Impossible Dream

Are you pursuing your own dreams or the pipe dreams of someone else? Do you want a college education but it appears impossible? Do you feel it is already too late? If you answer yes, this report can assist you in fulfilling your dreams by completing college. As a personal coach and online advisor to families, I frequently get questions from single parents on paying for college. However, it is really more than getting the money. How does a single parent get the emotional and physical support to completing college? The college experience is a challenge in itself; single parents also have to consider their children and in many cases, working a day job to make ends meet.

This article provides single parents with a proven method of getting financial and emotional support for obtaining a college degree. This strategy will be helpful to most individuals. However, if you want more details, I highly recommend you review my special books for a more comprehensive analysis. I have spent countless hours reading books, searching websites, and reviewing past advice to clients to provide my readers with credible solutions to paying for college. Lets explore this matter closer.

II. The Financial Aid Mystery

Understanding the process of federal financial aid can appear like a jig saw puzzle. The first step for most federal financial assistance begins with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available at your local college or high school. You can apply online at You should complete this form even if you feel you dont meet the financial need required based on your income.

III. The Single Parent Strategy

To be successful in obtaining free money, single parents need to develop a strategy. However, the problem is that many single parents get discouraged in the face of their hectic life and the additional stress of embarking on a college education. If a person had his or her own personal planner, life would flow a lot easier! In the absence of this assistant, having a strategy for college becomes even more crucial. After conducting extensive research and providing personal coaching, I have come up with a simple strategy for addressing these problems:

– Check out to set up a profile for possible scholarships.

– Contact your potential online college or a local college in your area for financial aid advice.

– Check out the latest college scholarship books at your library.

– Check out more non-traditional colleges. Go to Jonnies Distance Learning Website at

– Submit at least 100 scholarship applications.

– Write a letter or call local community groups in your area and ask them about scholarships.

– Write a letter or call local community groups in your area and ask them about scholarships.

– Be persistent and patient.

IV. The Path Forward

Paying for college is possible for the single parent if he or she is committed to his or her goals. The process of attending college is not an easy one. However, you have determined that you need additional education to improve the quality of your life for yourself and your child or children. This is one of the biggest decisions that you will make. With my approach you have a simple strategy for success. Do you have the energy and the desire? This is the critical question you must ponder now. Start today and improve the quality of your life.

About the Author: Daryl Green, a Generation Xer, investigates societal issues facing everyday Americans. He is a nationally recognized lecturer and author in the Knoxville community. Get a copy of his e-book, 101+ Ways for Paying for Single Parents College, at

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Submitted by: Terry Small

Balinese massage which traces its roots in Bali, Indonesia is a type of natural therapy which includes the manipulation of the body s meridian through a combination of various massage techniques. Acupressure, aromatherapy massage and reflexology are used by the masseuse during the therapy to address various types of problems both emotionally and physically with a specific technique.

The patient often experiences the satisfying benefits and effects right after the massage therapy. Whole body relaxation may probably be the most common noticeable effect of this type of massage therapy. The body loosens up with every massage strokes and manipulation of each pressure point with the acupressure and reflexology method. The aroma of therapeutic herbs is used specifically in soothing and calming the emotion of the client. Aromatherapy massage is also essential in setting up the mood inside the room which greatly increases the healing capability as well as the relaxing experience of Balinese massage. Each of the essential oils have their own healing, energizing, and calming effects when applied on the skin, although some of these oils may have negative effects on sensitive skin. Discussing the skin medical history of the patient as well as his or her current condition is vital in preventing this kind of problem from occurring during and after the therapy session. The client may also want to use other clothes as some of these massage oils may leave stains on the cloth.

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Balinese massage therapy also includes deep tissue massage which helps relieve the patient from all sorts of muscle pains. This type of therapy not only focuses on the soothing of the body but also aims for the total wellness of the body. Each stroke stimulates the nervous system which enhances the mood of the patient as well as heightens the sense of wellness. Acupressure is known for targeting pressure points which addresses to the corresponding part of the body. As the therapist conducts acupressure techniques with his or her hands, the body loosens up and relaxes with each application of pressure. The main goal of acupressure in this therapy is to regain strength to the weakened muscle groups, relax stiff muscles, and relieve muscle pain. This technique helps in balancing the energy or qi within the body to maintain a healthy physical and mental condition.

Reflexology in Balinese massage is used to manipulate each part of the body through the hands and feet of the patient. The body benefits with the improvement of blood and oxygen circulation which is attained by unblocking each of their specific pathways for the two to freely flow throughout the body. When these two important supplies needed in the body freely circulates without blockage or shortage in supply, the body works properly and in its optimum performance. The result is a healthy mind and body. Reflexology focuses on the treatment rather than making the body calm down and relax which is the work of aromatherapy in this type of therapeutic massage.

Although this therapy has a great combination that can both heal and sooth the body, it is still best to consult a doctor before trying this alternative medical care.

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therapy and obtaining a proper

hot stone massage



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