Celtic Christmas Cross Stitch Patterns, Designs & Instructions


Jennifer Walter

Making of knots is the primary reason as to why Celtic cross stitch designs have become so famous and renowned when Christmas is round the corner. Celtic knots are if not fashion then a way of life certainly and its importance is utmost at the time of Christmas and the preparations. Celtic knots have become a culture that we are indeed proud of. Knots could be simple and complex too but whichever way you make them their elegance is for all to see and admire.

Santa Claus

Christmas celtic cross stitch patterns are designed keeping in mind the advent of Christmas and there are various sizes and patterns to choose from. Patterns range from being simple to articulate, you can buy a convoluted design of Santa Claus that showcases a classy and intricate pattern.


It wouldn’t be hard for Celtic knot fans to imagine that on Christmas your candle stand be decorated with Celtic motifs highlighted with dark blue surroundings? The use of golden

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metallic threads could infuse really attractive looks on a simple candle pattern or candle stand. I think you can imagine one right now.

Christmas angels

Angels can be of different designs some standing alone whilst others in groups. The angel looks pretty alone and in-group too and can be bought in various sizes as desired leading upto a full wall sized figure. To sum up in short the bigger the size the better it looks as the intricate details with they are made shine like bright sunshine covering snow hilltop. Here I would like to add that if you are a first timer then small starting would be the way to build your angel.

Lavender laces

Is there ever a British woman who hasn’t fallen in love with lavenders? We have that fragrance in our bath soaps, our shampoos, deodorants, perfumes, room fresheners and ever more. So no surprise that we find something familiar in our embroidery designs. Wouldn’t it look graceful if lavender were to adorn our napkins, curtain pallets etc.


Wreaths are patterns that enrich our surroundings. It is easy to create a wreath of your likings. Patterns are mostly reflection of your mood, be happy and cheerful to make wreath that surprises you as well. Give it the seasons best look.


This represents the easiest option for starters. You can start by writing Marry Christmas in a traditional Christmas Celtic cross stitch method and you shall be amazed to see the end result. Try creating a design your initials or you favorite slogan. It will be simple yet stupendous idea. You can find help from chart generators to make alphabets as well, this will help you make own pattern in easier steps.

Christmas trees

Take that extra effort to decorate and cover you green moss trees with tiny bells and other things. Taking little will ensure that your Christmas tree survives the full year and beyond.

Fruits, vegetables and eating good patterns

More such patterns are there to decorate your eatable goods. From birthday cakes and pastries to special decorative patterns that lighten up your Christmas festivities. Your creativity shall know no end once you take to Celtic knots and patterns

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Celtic Christmas Cross Stitch Patterns, Designs & Instructions

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By James Philips

Founded in 1932, Nina Ricci has remained one of the most prestigious fashion houses in all of France. Madame Ricci established it along with her son, Robert, when they decided that setting up their own haute couture house was a lucrative business idea with many opportunities. Madame Ricci took the role of a fashion designer, while Robert was the one who handled the business, including the finances.

They started working with fabrics, creating their own lines of feminine designs. After a few months from inception, their business grew under the name Nina Ricci, already known to the fashion industry as one of the best producers of romantic and refined fashion pieces.

The success of Nina Ricci can be attributed much to Roberts effort. In 1945, he came up with the idea of exhibiting the best dresses ever made. With the help of the President of the Chamber, Lucien Lelong, Robert was able to dress more than a hundred mannequins from forty prestigious couturiers in the whole of France.

Madame Gres and Balenciaga were even included in that exhibition held in Louvre, Paris. This fashion showcase is what allowed the designs of Nina Ricci to reach other areas of Europe and even the United States.

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After a few years of success, Nina Ricci began offering a line of luxury perfumes for the affluent. Robert was the creator of these fragrances, and he created this new line of products just to cope with the companys expansion.

The first perfume made by him was named Coeur Jolie, and this was followed by another, the LAir du Temps. This latter fragrance is the one considered by most consumers as the most delicate. It even remains as Nina Riccis top seller until these days.

The Coeur Jolie, on its first release, was valued not just for the delicate scent it emits but also for the great packaging that Nina Ricci has made. The perfume was contained in a crystal bottle that is frosted. The bottle was crafted by Marc Lalique and it features illustrations made by Christian BZrard.

This fragrance is made of sweet smelling flowers, the one that sets Nina Ricci apart from the rest of Frances creative perfumery. The LAir du Temps, which means mood of the times, became Frances most classic perfume product ever created.

In 1959, new designs emerged then bringing Nina Ricci to new heights. The house acquired an international honor mainly for the success of one of its new collections, the Jules-Francois Crahay. This line was consolidated a few years after by GZrard Pipart, who took the new management over the haute couture studio in the year 1964. That same year, the LAir du Temps was distributed and marketed not just in the whole Paris, but also in the major markets in the United States and Japan.

The perfumes of Nina Ricci continued to develop even after the death of Madame Ricci in 1970. The company was then considered as the leading exporter of fragrances in France. The production was even increased with the establishment of Ury Perfume Production Center where the known Farouche perfume was formulated. The company made several other fragrances, and this production is expected to increase with more and more people and technologies now being used for better results.

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